Bondage – What’s a Girl to do?

A beautiful start to a new day in the arctic, but how could you tell, if the sun was up all the time.She yawned and stretched, it was so cold, her teeth were chattering like wood peckers – loud and hard, her knees knocking as her legs trembled. It didn’t matter that she was wearing the latest nanobits that were guaranteed to keep her effortlessly comfortable from the hottest desert to the frostiest glaciers, she was still bloody cold.

And what was all this sunshine all about? Who ever heard of a day lasting twenty four hours. She caught a shadow out of the corner of her eye. Turning her head to the left, she only saw miles upon miles of ice and snow. “It must have been the shadow of a bird”, she thought, as she turned back to the group of mercenaries that she had hired to take her across the ice to kill her former husband, Ike.

“Faith, I don’t like this cold. We have been searching for your husband for two weeks, and…no sign of him. Do you know where he is Faith? I am done wasting my time leading you around. You’ve run out of money and you’ve run out of anything else that I’m interested in”, he said. He looked at her like an auctioneer looks at a new item, to see if it has any value at all.

“Well all right then,” he said, as he grabbed a rope from his pack and bound not just her hands and her feet, but virtually everything.

“This is the way the Cerocevi tie their women. I will leave you at a crossroads for someone to find.” The next thing Faith knew, a pain exploded in her head, and then lights, out.

To Be Continued……