Bondage – What’s a Girl to do?

A beautiful start to a new day in the arctic, but how could you tell, if the sun was up all the time.She yawned and stretched, it was so cold, her teeth were chattering like wood peckers – loud and hard, her knees knocking as her legs trembled. It didn’t matter that she was wearing the latest nanobits that were guaranteed to keep her effortlessly comfortable from the hottest desert to the frostiest glaciers, she was still bloody cold.

And what was all this sunshine all about? Who ever heard of a day lasting twenty four hours. She caught a shadow out of the corner of her eye. Turning her head to the left, she only saw miles upon miles of ice and snow. “It must have been the shadow of a bird”, she thought, as she turned back to the group of mercenaries that she had hired to take her across the ice to kill her former husband, Ike.

“Faith, I don’t like this cold. We have been searching for your husband for two weeks, and…no sign of him. Do you know where he is Faith? I am done wasting my time leading you around. You’ve run out of money and you’ve run out of anything else that I’m interested in”, he said. He looked at her like an auctioneer looks at a new item, to see if it has any value at all.

“Well all right then,” he said, as he grabbed a rope from his pack and bound not just her hands and her feet, but virtually everything.

“This is the way the Cerocevi tie their women. I will leave you at a crossroads for someone to find.” The next thing Faith knew, a pain exploded in her head, and then lights, out.

To Be Continued……


How I Feel About People Who Discourage Writing

I echo the author when he says “When people tell me I can’t, I say Fuck off, watch me!” I hate defeatism of any type, but when it comes to writing and reading books, it makes me livid. Just because you’ve failed at something doesn’t give you the right to discourage others who may succeed brilliantly. The article below states things with passion and intelligence. What a wonderful piece.


There will be bad language. Emotive subject.

When I’m trying to find interesting pieces to read, I’ll search through WordPress’s categories and tags. Often, I find some very inspiring, well-written and enjoyable posts. But yesterday, I read something that made me want to throw my dog through the computer screen. And I don’t even own a dog.

Writing is a beautiful thing and should be encouraged. You might hate E.L. James, but at least she thought ‘Hang on, I have an urge to write a Twilight-inspired trilogy about bondage and asshole fingering,’ and she did it. So when you see the sunburnt Brits, sitting around a pool at the all-inclusive in Tenerife, thumbing through their dog-eared copies of Fifty Shades, this is a good thing. Why? Because people are reading. And reading is good. Unless it’s the Daily Mail, of course.

It irks me when I stumble across articles discouraging…

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Seeing An Entirely Different Way

ForestDarkWe were walking through our forest one afternoon, and I came across something that looked just like a faerie circle. It was a circle of mushrooms they tell about in storybooks. There are stories of people crossing the circle and entering the world of Faerie itself, never to return. Of course, if the faeries do let you return, it will be decades, later, and you will be the same age as when you left. Back in historical times you would be accused of witchcraft, and burned at the stake. In this day and age, the government will just cart you away to a hidden lab somewhere to do endless tests to determine what makes you stay ageless .  No one would ever see you again. Same difference.

My husband laughed at me when I mentioned it.

He said, “Melinda, put on your glasses,” which is what I did.

It was not a faerie circle, it was simply some tree fungus on some fallen logs that looked like mushrooms. No trip to Faerie. I was saved from being a government lab rat. It is amazing what a little blurry vision will do combined with an active imagination. I still take walks without my glasses to see if I can find something unusual out in the forest. Every once in a while, I still find something.

The Pareidolia Mind – Seeing Pictures in the Clouds

Have you ever seen the man in the moon?

Have you ever laid back on a grassy hill, watching clouds blow by? Did you picture gremlins, castles or bunnies up there in the clouds overhead? Have you ever seen a gnarled tree look like the face of an old man? How about a storm that looked and sounded like a battle in the air?

If you can say yes to any of these questions, then you too have a Pareidolia Mind. I like to think of it as simply a good, healthy imagination.

So follow along with me, and with you too, ( if you’ll join me ), in sharing flights of fancy of the highest order, because what else would you call the best stories, music and art, except for imagination coupled with talent.

I’ll see you inside.