Fluffy ate Something and now he’s MEAN!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Creepy.”

Demonic Fluffy Bunny
Demonic Fluffy Bunny from the Underworld

Last night, when I was all alone and it was very, very dark. I mean dark, dark. Not one but two darks, see? My nightlight popped, then it was dark, dark dark! And I screamed real loud for Mommy, but she didn’t come. Hurt my feelings real bad, but I was to scared to cry. I’d cry later when I remembered.

I grabbed onto Fluffy the bunny, cuz he was the only thing I could see, cuz he was white as snow. Dad says that all the time. It’s dumb. It doesn’t snow here. Anyhoo, Fluffy was scared too. I hugged him to make him feel better, like what Mommy does to me, but Fluffy was making weird noises. He was squealing, squeaking and horking, like he didn’t wanna choke down some food. Then, it all stopped. No noise, no nothing’, only dark, dark dark.

Fluffy was lying there looking at me, but now his little red eyes were giant, black eyes, like black, black. He looked like Dareena Morgan at school, who hates me cuz I am smarter than her, nicer than her and have more friends than her. Fluffy stared at me like just Dareena does.

Why does my bunny hate me?

What did Fluffy eat?

Fluffy opened his cute widdle mouth, and he had new teeth? Instead of the flat teeth bunnies have, his new teeth were like a shark’s, but they were very, very small, so they could fit, you know. I know about Shark teeth – Daddy let me watch Shark Week with him when Mommy was out shopping.


“Fluffy you bit my hand, hard, you bad, bad bunny!” And it hurt real bad. So bad, I think I’m gonna…


Fluffy has a new home. Daddy gave him to a man that’s a cafric free-ist. Daddy said the man knew all about bunnies, but I’m sad.

No bunny, no nightlight, dark, dark, dark… Creepy!


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