On Teaching the Graphic Novel

This is the perfect description of both the graphic novel and of comics. For anyone who wants to get involved with this genre, take a peek at the list in this post, and look up some of the graphic novels and comics that he suggests. It is quite a long list.

The one thing that I did not know that I found amazing, is that the drawings are able to provide a visual illusion or pun that prose cannot, and therefore is a medium all unto itself. This is an incredibly valuable piece by a college professor at Amherst who taught Graphic Novels as a class.


About once a month, I get asked by a colleague or friend for the syllabus I used to teach my seminar on the Graphic Novel at Amherst. Included below is a list of the texts that I used to teach students. In that seminar I allowed optional creative exercises and finals, and that led to me teaching tutorials in the making of comics, which led to me advising two graphic novel theses to summa honors. I’m very proud of those students, who were both also awarded the English Department’s prize for best thesis. Amherst’s English department was very generous and supportive in the teaching I did there throughout, and I’m incredibly grateful for the hard work of all of my students.

I taught the class as an experiment, even an expedition of a kind, and so it was never the same every time. I began teaching it because more graphic novels…

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2 thoughts on “On Teaching the Graphic Novel

  1. I was fortunate as a undergrad to take a course in graphic novels that changed the way I read now. As Harvey Pekar said: “It’s pictures and words. And you can do anything with pictures and words!” Thanks for sharing!

    If you’re ever interested in some other great literary musings be sure to follow! Thanks!


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